your choices

Own your choices

I have a real thing about people’s language when it comes to choice.  I’m tired of hearing “I didn’t have a choice” or “It was the only choice I had” used as an excuse, a justification for decisions taken without responsibility or courage.  The truth is, there are exceptionally few situations where we have no …

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treasure your choices

Treasure your choices

Today I choose to have fun with my choices. To celebrate the fact that I have choices that are not available to so many.  Today I will choose not to take these for granted. I will acknowledge that choices are fundamental to my life but are not simply mine by right.   Choices are a …

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choose you

Choose YOU

Putting others first is a behaviour we are told is a positive one from a very early age.  Learning to share, and to give the best bit of cake at tea to your visitors was seen as good manners in my house.  Choosing to give up our seat on the bus to someone in greater need, without …

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choices are habits

Choice is a habit

Habits are repeated behaviours that have become part of our routine, we do them on auto-pilot, sub-consciously or semi-consciously.  Some of them are positive and add value to our lives and others are destructive or even dangerous.  Regularly making choices that benefit us can also become a habit  – with a little practice. Some years ago, I was struggling to …

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