Are you ready to stop playing small?

Creating a profitable business from your life purpose can be your reality

‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’. This is such a great saying, but it also comes with a burden that implies we’re not working when we’re pursuing our purpose. And when we actually achieve profit from that purpose, can we claim that we are still being authentic and value-driven? YES! Yes, we can.

Getting clarity

We’ll explore your Purpose-driven business offering and how to clearly communicate it to your dream clients.

Empowering your shine

We’ll create new habits to bring out your shine and maintain it without diminishing your ethics, resources or passion.

owning your value

We’ll help you ask for what you’re worth and love the experience so much, you’ll want to keep on doing it! Your business can have purpose and profit and still maintain your core values.

changing your language

We’ll change the way you talk to, and about, yourself and your purpose. You’ll discover a new mindset language and change the covnersations with your Imposter.

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Pursuing your purpose for Passion and Profit
six month transformation Package

Bespoke one-to-one Coaching with Dinah Liversidge – Certified Master Mindset Coach and Certified Life Purpose Coach

The package includes:
Two sessions per month with Dinah.
Support to complete your bespoke Life Purpose Analysis.
Identifying how to maximise your impact for your clients.
Owning your right to a Profit and understanding your true Value.
Creating short, medium and long-term goals for the business that help you shine and live your purpose.
Challenging your mindset and creating habits to support you to keep challenging it as you achieve and surpass your goals.

Support by email between sessions.
A bespoke workbook that will help you create a resource for future support and clarity.
regular interaction and support to help you complete projects between sessions that add value to your business, immediately.