Dinah’s story

Hi, I’m Dinah Liversidge.

This is my story. So Far…

Lover of cake, coffee, chocolate, community, cake, conversation, connection, cars, cake, cats, celebrations and life. 

Coach –
Independent Celebrant
Celebrant Trainer

I’ve been married to John since his twenty-first birthday. It’s been remarkable. We’re good together. Really, really good. I often say that I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m ever so glad that I did it. He feels the same.
We’re celebrating our 40th year together, after meeting by chance thanks to a mutual friend, just after we’d finished our O’levels. 

Ever since we’ve been together, we’ve spoken about ‘One Day’. The day when enough of our ducks were in a row to follow our dreams. It took heart surgery for us to appreciate that the time was right, right now, and in 2014 we moved
to Myddfai, near the Brecon Beacons National Park. 

We live in a couple of acres of glorious Welsh woodland in a long-house that has one and a half bedrooms. Surrounded by nature, it’s truly like living in a dream. Our lives here and the balance we have achieved, bring us true joy.

The Charcoal Hut is our woodland cabin and luxury kitchen deck (with hot tub) that we love welcoming guests to. We believe we’re custodians of this place, not owners. Getting to share this space with others is a privilege.

I am privileged to be a mother. I was adopted myself, and did not have a positive experience of childhood. Being the kind of mum that still gets phonecalls from her grown-up (and rather brilliant and successful) daughter, to ask for
advice or share good news, is the greatest joy of my life.

I live with disabilities and pain. I have EDS, POTS, Heart-failure and various other conditions. I live with them. I allow them to be part of me but not to define me. I accept that my brain asks for cheques that my body can’t write
and I ask anyway. Pushing myself beyond limits has defined my life and been key to my No Box Thinking and interest in Mindset.

I am a work in progress. Every day is an opportunity to grow, to learn something new and to help someone be all they can be.