Are you ready to create a new story?

Challenging your mindset, your inner-doubts and your habits is key to living your purpose and profiting from it.

You can make the difference you believe in and you can do it with authenticity and love.

And still make a profitable business from it.

Being comfortable with that and stopping the habits and destructive patterns that keep you small, can come to an end.

Are you ready to create a new story?

Then let’s get started on your journey.

Mindset Coaching with Dinah Liversidge

Three ways to create your new story

We can work together in one of the following ways to support you and create a new story, from today. When you’re ready to explore more, book a FREE trial coaching session with me.

get comfortable with profit
£ 180

Two, 45 minute sessions per month
(Payable monthly. Minimum four months)

  • Create a new positive mantra about your right to profit
  • Challenge your Imposter Mindset
  • Create a Value Charter to establish and honour your worth
shine and thrive
£ 360

Two, 90 minute sessions per month
plus support between sessions
(Payable monthly. Minimum four months)

  • Shed your smallness and own your Purpose
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Ditch your Performer-Mindset & step up for the Lead role
  • Find your Tribe
  • Allow yourself to top-up your tank, guilt free
stop your imposter stopping you
£ 720

Six, one hour sessions over six weeks
(One payment in advance)

  • Create new evidence of your competence and success
  • Habits to reinforce a new mindset
  • Create a plan that’s big enough to excite you
  • Get accountable for progress and make it

Don’t just take my word for it….

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My guarantee

If you don’t love our coaching sessions and believe you got more value from them than you paid for, I will refund you in full.

I also guarantee that, if you don’t put the work in that we agree, I will not continue to work with you.

I am here to hold you accountable; be preapred for real change. I guarantee it.