focus on choice
Is your glass half full or half empty? Mine is overflowing! I choose to focus on the positive aspects of […]
create a timeline to support mindset
When I re-started #TheBreakfastClub on Twitter during the first lock-down in 2020, I did it to help support my mindset and […]
nurture your mindset
We nurture others by our nature. Watch any parent with their kids (even the grown-up ones) and you’ll see human […]
gut choices
You know that feeling you get about someone or something – that gut feeling that tells you “this feels right” or, on […]
your choices
I have a real thing about people’s language when it comes to choice.  I’m tired of hearing “I didn’t have […]
treasure your choices
Today I choose to have fun with my choices. To celebrate the fact that I have choices that are not […]
choose you
Putting others first is a behaviour we are told is a positive one from a very early age.  Learning to […]
“I said I would do it so I’m doing it” my friend told me as I helped her with the blisters […]
letting go
A few years ago, I had a series of heart attacks.  From out of nowhere they stopped me in my […]
choices are habits
Habits are repeated behaviours that have become part of our routine, we do them on auto-pilot, sub-consciously or semi-consciously.  Some […]