just one word
All It takes is to change one word; from can’t to can or won’t to will. One word and the […]
imposter mindset imposter syndrome
I have a Syndrome. It’s called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it sucks! It impacts most parts of my body as […]
a positive no
Saying “no” to people can feel uncomfortable – or even impossible. Largely because we see it as a negative response.  We […]
Mindset tip of the week
The next time you say something cruel or unkind to yourself I want you to stop and say it outloud. […]
business mindset
I am often asked how Mindset Coaching impacts a business. Whether it’s a sole trader, a small team or collaboration […]
no limits
Another Sunday video for you today about choices and how we can choose to live a life of no limits, whatever others tell us they might […]
mindset language
The words you use in your head to talk to yourself, become your truth. Your Mindset Language is key to […]
When you’ve left it a long time it can be hard to pick up the phone and say “hello” to […]
bring your own shoes
A friend recently took on a new leadership role in their organisation. The appointment struck me as an excellent decision; […]
How many hours of your day do you spend on a timeline? One or other of the social media platforms, […]