I’m Dinah Liversidge.
I Help Entrepreneurs Master their Mindset

Dinah Liversidge

I love conversation, chocolate, challenging the status-qo and people’s language about themselves. I absolutely love being a Coach and helping business owners change their mindset and their results. I believe in no-box thinking (who told you there was a box in the first place?) and have spoken to audiences all around the world on how to un-limit their potential. Coffee, confidence and change-making are high on my list of priorities too, so if you’re ready for a new way, let’s talk.

I live and work in a Welsh longhouse in a few acres of woodland, with my husband of 35 years, John, and our bengal cat, Lilly. We are surrounded by nature and love time in the trees. We have a woodland retreat for couples and writers, The Charcoal Hut.

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