Mindset tip of the week

The next time you say something cruel or unkind to yourself I want you to stop and say it outloud. Did you hear how you talk to yourself? Did you really hear it? That language that you use, the words that you say to yourself, are going to shape your mindset, your confidence and ultimately your results.

When you talk to yourself, you are reinforcing messages you carry throughout your daily life. When you start your day with positive language, your mindset is impacted in a way that makes you feel more likely to have a successful day. When you talk to yourself with words of encouragement, sxelf-belief and hope you are setting yourself up to succeed.

However, start your day with a negative message, and it’s no surprise, you’re on a path that could get ugly! The language of self-defeat, that negative voice, that is setting you up as a failure for the day ahead and it’s going to create your reality.

Is it possible that you are creating your own drama?

Do you often feel that you’re having a bad day? Does your boss seem to pick you out to give you a hard time? Perhaps you’re generally feeling taken for granted? Well, the great news is that by changing the way you talk to yourself, you’re going to find that your reality changes too. You see, you are creating the situations that you find yourself in. Yes, you. You’re talking to yourself in a way that gives other people permission to treat you badly, ignore you and not include you. You are doing that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing bad or ignorant behaviour. What you have to own, is that you are the one setting the tone.

Setting some boundaries is vital for you to re-establish your self respect

When did you last make it clear that you deserve to be spoken to differently? When did you tell yourself this, never mind anybody else?

How about, just today, you decide to challenge that inner voice? Speak to yourself in a kinder, more nurturing tone. How about you see what impact it has on your mood and your mindset? I’m confident that you’re going to like it enough that you’ll want to try it again tomorrow. Take it one step at a time. Don’t be judgemental and that ‘oh, typical, I messed up’ conversation does not belong in your head. Drop that one and try again tomorrow.

I’d love to hear how you get on. Why not leave me a comment to let me know?

From my heart to yours,


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