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I am often asked how Mindset Coaching impacts a business. Whether it’s a sole trader, a small team or collaboration or a massive global company, every ounce of success is built on the mindset of the people involved. As the saying goes ‘whether I think I can, or I think I can’t I am right’. The mindset of each person in a business will dictate the results. If I believe my business is going to be successful, I am already more likely to succeed. Conversely, if I tell myself I am going to find it difficult, my mindset is already made up and so is the likelihood of failure.

Mindset is the foundation on which everything else is built. Without the right foundations, everything else is going to crumble. Investing in Mindset Coaching is therefore one of the most essential investments a business can make. And yet, it is often still perceived as something to offer to employees once they are struggling. Imagine if, as part of your on-boarding, every new employee was offered the chance to work on their Mindset.

What does that involve?

Mindset Coaching can be delivered in many ways, depending on the way an individual learns best.

One to one coaching:

This can be very helpful for people who will be leading a team or have staff responsibility for the first time. Working one to one with a Mindset Coach allows them to explore their vulnerabilities in a confidential space. They may wish to talk about challenges with particular team members. Coaching can help them explore ways to develop, nurture and encourage their team to work on their own mindset.

Group coaching:

This is highly effective for teams who are working towards a common goal. Large events, office re-location and even the daily challenge of working in a busy call center, all benefit from having a strong mindset foundation in place. Creating a safe place to talk about common fears and expectations can help a team bond in a profound way.

Training sessions:

It can be helpful to attend a public training session, such as my Masterclass sessions. You benefit from the interaction of people you might not encounter in daily life. Training creates a unique space, away from work, to explore and challenge your Corporate thinking and come back with new ideas.

Goal Setting is all about Mindset

When we are asked to set business goals, the mindset we are in will be the key influence on how brave they are. If we really want staff to set empowering, bold goals, we have to give them the mindset foundation to support that. Self-doubt or a lack of reality, will mean they set goals that don’t challenge them or grow the business. If you don’t believe in yourself, your goals will keep you small. Providing coaching to support their growth, is about allowing them to shine and achieve goals that have real impact on the business.

Mindset coaching will impact the business by helping every member of the team challenge their language and their belief system about the goals they’re expected to achieve. When the goals for the business are relevant to them, important to their success within the team, they’ll embrace them.

Coaching also allows for accountability in making changes and mindset change definitely benefits from some support of this kind. It can be challenging to stick with changes to something so personal. The conversation in our head is private and can therefore be hidden from others. Coaching is a good way to have someone challenge you and ask ‘so how have you been talking to yourself this week?’ and also to provide ideas on how to maintain the positive changes that you’re making.

Mindset Coaching is not therapy

I am not a Therapist, I am not a Counselor or a Psychiatrist. As a Coach, I help people work on and take ownership of their daily language to impact their mindset and their results. Mindset Coaching is not therapy though, and in some situations, therapy is what is called for. I went to an amazing therapist for several years to help me come to terms with, and move on from, childhood trauma. She was very highly qualified and in a unique position to help me. I will always refer a client to an appropriate, qualified therapist or counselor if I believe I am not the right person to help.

Seeking Coaching, or Therapy is something that is becoming more ‘acceptable’ than in the past. Here in the UK there is still a sense of it being seen as a negative, but we are making progress. I often suggest to people that they look at how many of the people they would class as a Success in their field, have achieved that without a Coach, a Therapist, or both.

Mindset coaching within a business, to help achieve your business growth, is not about addressing what is going wrong, it’s about helping things go right. A business will achieve its goals thanks to its staff, its clients or customers, control over their financial commitments and pricing and – you know what’s coming – the mindset of everyone involved in that chain.

Coaching works when you’re succeeding, not just when you’re struggling

I work with people who are very successful. They often have a sense that something is stopping them from being ‘all I can be’, from ‘stepping into my light’ as previous clients have expressed it. Working on their mindset has allowed them to step out of being small, to change their language and their expectations. It’s been a way of strengthening their foundations. Our mindset forms those foundations and if that’s not balanced, nothing else will be.

Look at the most successful businesses in the last decade and you’ll see they have all invested in the mindset of their Executives and the teams that support them. They’ve understood that mindset impacts every aspect of their business. They have invested in mindset coaching and training at every level of the business.

Have you had experience of mindset coaching? How did it help you with your business growth? Has it helped you achieve goals in your business that you’re proud of?



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