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The words you use in your head to talk to yourself, become your truth. Your Mindset Language is key to your mood, your belief in yourself, your success and your relationships. What language are you using? Are you using words that lift you up or is you choice of language creating a self-belief structure built on negativity? What you choose as your self-talk is changeable at any time; you just have to decide to learn a new mindset language.

What is Mindset Language?

When was it last really quiet in your head? Do you notice that much of the time you are telling yourself things about your past, your experiences and how they are relevant to the moment? We do this as a way of learning, but also as a way of reinforcing our ‘self’ to ourselves. We tell ourselves we’re doing great at something when we’re facing a challenge we know we can take on; that long climb up the hill that you know is worth the view. It burns your calves but you tell yourself ‘I can do this’ because you’ve done it before and you want to feel that same sense of achievement.

Conversely, we also tell ourselves the stories about our failures. Failure has become such a negative word. We learn so much from our fails, but somehow society has convinced us that failure is shameful. Shame is never, ever going to serve you. It is a greedy emotion which damages so many dreams. Perhaps if you change the language around failure in your mindset language, you can begin to drop the shame and, instead, learn from the experience.

It’s a jump to take. A leap of faith in your ability to learn a new habit and stick to it. Language is habitual and we use words without thought of their long-term impact. Learning to be more in the present moment, and really think about the words we choose, is going to take practice and dedication. I often suggest to my coaching clients, that they start a little notebook, like the Vocabulary books we had in school, to learn new words or the conjugation of verbs. It’s a simple way of learning a new language and it works for our Mindset Language too.

Make it part of your daily vocabulary

Of course, to really learn a new mindset language, you have to use it every day. Like learning French in school, we all found that we could learn more in a two week holiday in France, hanging out with local kids, than in a whole year in class. The same is true for our self-talk. You can read all the books and posts on the subject you like, but it won’t become your language of choice until you start using it.

If you could pick one thing you tell yourself and replace it with new words from today, what would that be? One negative bit of mindset language you regularly use to keep yourself down, to stop you from taking that step towards your big goal or next chance? From today you can choose to replace that with a new phrase. One that will boost your confidence and help you say ‘I CAN do this!’ Write it on sticky notes, put them where you will see them all day. Then stick with it – it takes time to learn a new language.

I’d love to hear how you get on,


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