focus on choice

Is your glass half full or half empty? Mine is overflowing! I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my life and this allows me to have a positive outlook. I am not in denial about the challenges I face, I just make a choice that they will not be my focus.

Am I making that sound too simple? Well, it is simple; making choices can be simple – it’s sticking to them that gets complicated! Letting our focus wander to the negatives has become a habit and one we can choose to change, provided we set ourselves up to succeed. Leaving a negative habit behind us will bring great rewards, so to start seeing them we should put things in place to make it simple to stick with our choice.

Here are three of the ways I reinforce my positive focus each day:

– start the morning with a smile! When you wake up and stretch your body, stretch your smile too. Smiling is contagious and habit forming.

-remind yourself of the positives. Take five minutes, each time you grab a cuppa in your day, to remind yourself of something fabulous in your life. Yes, there is always something, just choose to see it!

– make someone else’s day. Each day, make a point to putting a smile on someone’s face.

Your focus is your choice; what will you focus on today?

Have a wonder-filled Wednesday


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