create a timeline to support mindset

When I re-started #TheBreakfastClub on Twitter during the first lock-down in 2020, I did it to help support my mindset and I was hopeful it would put some positive energy into people’s day. I wanted them  to be able to include a positive conversation in their daily routine; let’s be honest for some people there was no daily routine in 2020. Adding a virtual get-together to the daily routine was a mindset boost for everyone who took part, not least me. I created a timeline to support our mindset.

When you look at your daily routine, how much of it has considered your mindset? We talk a good talk about mental wellness. Practicing it for ourselves can still feel like an indulgence or drain on our time. I say it’s time to re-think and re-frame that thinking and put support for our mindset first. Mindset impacts our productivity more than anything else. And our ability to concentrate, inspire, be open to learning, to lead, our resilience (should I go on?) are all dependent on an open and healthy mindset.

Creating a positive social media timeline is a relatively simple process, you have to invest some time to do it, but it can be achieved without much drama. Creating a real-life timeline that resembles this and is based on the same principles, requires more thought. It is still highly achievable once you are prepared to admit why you keep certain people and things in your life that you know are not good for your mindset.

Ayanna Castro ( talks about having a ‘Board of Directors’; a trusted group of friends who you go to with your business ideas, challenges and even personal issues. They are your truth-tellers, cheerleaders and confidants. You know who these people are for you. These people may have pointed out who doesn’t deserve your time, your energy or your wisdom. Listen to them; they became your inner circle for a reason. They will always provide support for your mindset.

When considering your life timeline, think about what you bring to the timeline of the people in your inner circle. Do you lift them up and add a positive spin during times of worry and stress, or do you bring them down by perpetuating the dramas? Are you someone people turn to for moral support and guidance? Do you hear people talking about how much you improved things for them in the last year?

If you’re bringing joy and hope to the timelines of others, you are already creating the kind of timeline that attracts these things into your life. This does not mean you need to be fake, or falsely positive when your timeline is looking challenging or feeling overwhelming. Turn to your inner circle, your Board of Directors (thank you Ayanna), and ask for their support. Ask them what they see in your timeline that could be causing the issues you face. What do they see you engaging in that is not supporting your mindset. It’s surprising how often we can identify mindset influencers as key to our challenges – and successes.

What one thing could you change this month in your daily timeline, to create shift in your mindset?

One key behaviour or regular interaction that is currently part of your day could be impacting your mindset negatively and by releasing it, you will see instant impact on your mood and your ability to identify other mindset-drains. I used to work through my lunchbreak during my early days in my Corporate career; I soon learned that this had a negative impact on my mindset as I was constantly complaining that ‘I’m so busy I can’t even take a lunch break’.

Once I started to take breaks every day, I stopped the story I had been telling myself and I got more done. Turns out I was talking busy, not being busy. That one key behaviour had been holding me back and had also got in the way of promotion as my Executive thought I wasn’t coping in the role. Once I changed my mindset on this, I was seen in a new light and given new opportunities. What is in your daily timeline that could be keeping you small? Are you ready to create a new timeline that supports your 2021 mindset? What’s the first step you are going to take?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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