gut choices

You know that feeling you get about someone or something – that gut feeling that tells you “this feels right” or, on occasion “this feels wrong”; that’s your “choice mechanism”.  And more often than not, I find mine serves me well.  The trick, of course, is to learn to listen to what it’s telling us!

Inner fears and self-doubt often get in the way of that choice-mechanism.  They work hard to sabotage your attempts to connect with it and make progress.  They are threatened by the very thought of making a choice – because that could lead to …CHANGE.

We can make a choice about that voice; that repeated attempt to de-rail our own progress.  It has to be a conscious choice initially – an acknowledgment that “there I go again, on self-destruct”.  Say it to yourself – out-loud if the moment allows – when you hear that little voice saying “you can’t” “It won’t work” “yeah right!” let the voice know you mean business.  Shout right back at it “I am choosing not to listen to that. I am leaving self-destruct behind today!”

Feel silly?  Slightly uncomfortable with the idea?  GREAT!  Make that choice and go for it, you’ll feel great when you’re trusting that your first choice is usually the right choice!

Have a great day


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