treasure your choices

Today I choose to have fun with my choices. To celebrate the fact that I have choices that are not available to so many.  Today I will choose not to take these for granted. I will acknowledge that choices are fundamental to my life but are not simply mine by right.  

Choices are a treasure.

Making a choice can be tough, difficult, challenging and is often something we delay or put-off.  I wonder how quick we would be to make choices if we really appreciated that they are a treasure.  So many people have no choice available to them, have had choices removed from their options by others, their treasure firmly locked away.  If we stopped taking our ability to make choices for granted, would we perhaps treasure them more?

Learn to treasure your choices

By seeing how valuable my ability to make choices is, I place more value on the choices I make.  By understanding that these choices being available to me is a real gift, something to value and treasure, I put more effort into seeing them through and therefore get results.

Today, treasure your choices, see them for the amazing gift they are in your life and embrace and value them.


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