choices are habits

Habits are repeated behaviours that have become part of our routine, we do them on auto-pilot, sub-consciously or semi-consciously.  Some of them are positive and add value to our lives and others are destructive or even dangerous.  Regularly making choices that benefit us can also become a habit  – with a little practice.

Some years ago, I was struggling to accept compliments, and would usually receive them with a response along the lines of “what this old thing – it makes my bum look huge!” or “Really? I thought I could have done that job much better.”  It had become a habit to dismiss compliments.  What I had not appreciated was it was a choice.  I could choose to accept a compliment with grace – whether or not I believed it.  I could choose to take it at face value and accept it came with good intentions and sincerity.

By making this choice, I learned a new habit.  It was tricky at first; I bit my lip many times before I replied, consiously “thank you.”   Watching the positive results this created reinforced that I had made the right choice and I now enjoy my new habit – in fact I’m addicted!

What habit will you choose to start today?


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