What’s no box thinking?

I take you from
‘thinking outside the box’ to No-Box Thinking!

Whoever told you there was a box?

Since I first heard the expression ‘think outside the box’, back in a Marketing meeting in the late 1980’s, I’ve wondered who put themselves inside such a limiting mindset.

I’m Dinah Liversidge and I’m a Master Coach, International Business Trainer and Award-Winning Key-note Speaker. I’m also a lover of conversation, connection, cats, cake and fast cars.

I’ve been running my own businesses since the early 1990s and mentoring, training and coaching since 1993. I adore it. It’s my Life Purpose and I am grateful to share my experience with others to help them to be all they can be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Master Mindset Coach

If you want to pursue your life purpose, you’ve got to stop keeping yourself small

You’ve got important work to do and you’re the key reason you’re not making a profit from doing it.
The way you keep yourself small is not serving you or the purpose you want to pursue.
And when you think about making a profit you shrink further from all the ways you could embrace that, as though it diminishes your authenticity or achievement.

Self-limiting langugage

If only there was a way to change the story you tell yourself and the self-limiting talk that’s become your constant companion.  Taking a journey of change, learning a new way to talk to and about yourself and your purpose is the first step.

Imposter Mindset

Allowing yourself the chance to be all that you know you can be, without the burden of self-destructive behaviour patterns or limiting beliefs. Being willing to own your brightness and your mission and take a new path is the second step.

Hiding your shine

I’ve been on the journey. I continue on that journey each and every day as I pursue my own purpose, to help others be all they can be and empower them to live their purpose. I’d love to show you a new way . Starting today. Starting with you.

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