Dinah liversidge

Mindset Mastery

Straight-talking thought-challenging Coaching for people who are tired of their self-sabotage. Ready to change your outcomes?

Areas we can work on together


Mindset Mastery

It’s your mind-set that’s stopping you. From being all you could be. All you secretly know you are. Let’s change the script. Master your mindset and start achieving your BIG goals.


Challenging your Imposter

Your Imposter is a Mindset – not a Syndrome. And it’s feeding off the historical drama you’re creating. Let’s give it a new set of evidence and create a new narative.


Deep Confidence

Can you learn to be confident? Yes, with the right mindset, language and practice. And the right Coach to guide you and encourage change.


Leadership Mindset

Leading a team requires a new mindset which leaves Ego out of the equation and enjoys letting others shine. It can be learned with an open mindset.


Step into the Spotlight

If you know you’re keeping yourself back from taking a big career move. If everyone else is getting noticed and you’re done being overlooked, I’d love to help you step into the spotlight.


Self Discipline for growth

Are you still claiming to be a Perfectionist? When you’re ready to change your results, we can work together to change your language around your self-sabotage.


Finding your voice

When you want to follow a purpose, it can be challenging to find your authentic voice and connect with your potential niche.


Team Motivation

When we appreciate there never was a box, no reason to restrict creativity, we are able to achieve the impossible. No-box-thinking. Global, award-winning motivational talks.

About Me

I’m Dinah Liversidge.
I Help Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Mindset matters. Everything we tell ourselves impacts our outcomes. As business owners, our limiting language is so often the greatest challenge the business is facing.
I have been helping entrepreneurs change their inner langanuge and their results, for almost 30 years.

Dinah Liversidge Master Mindset Coach

I’m a Certified Master Mindset Coach. We’ll have challenging coversations about the set you’re creating. If you’re ready to change the set, let’s get started.

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